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PACK intelligent assembly line
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PACK intelligent assembly line

Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Production line model: 6904.

Product model: The square aluminum shell PACK line adapts to the production of different products by changing the product carrier and the working procedure.

Cycle time: 8JPH.

Failure rate: ≤2%.

Pass rate: ≥99.99% (second time pass rate).

Transfer mode: AGV+tray.

Assembly method: Robotic and truss manipulators, with manual operation

Changeover time: No more than 24 hours.

Equipment size: Abuot 60*20*3.5m (L*W*H)

Power consumption: About 500KVA.

Power supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 3-phase 5-wire system.

Compressed air: 8Nm^3/min, air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa.

Nitrogen: 5Nm^3/h, air pressure: 0.3-0.4MPa.


Flexibility: Adapt to the production of different products by changing the product carrier and the working procedure;

Tooling replacement is simple and fast;

Real-time: Real-time monitoring of torque and displacement during the tightening process, image error-proof detection when installing pipelines, wiring harnesses, and copper bars to ensure product quality; real-time monitoring of equipment action;

Traceability: Track the production data of each product using MES system and laser marking technology;


It is mainly used for square shell lithium battery module installation, BMS electrical system installation, liquid cooling system installation, closing box cover, weighing, cutting, and testing. Main features: AGV+tray assembly, return line layout, automatic operation with manual assistance.

Each station is controlled independently and equipped with positioning mechanism. The assembly is complete with detection process, the production line action process is monitored and uploaded in real time, making the production data traceable.

Lead time

6 months after advance payment