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Pouch cell case forming machine
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Pouch cell case forming machine

Type:Lithium Equipment
Development:Lithium Equipment Preparatory Group
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Model: LTJ-01.

Suitable for pouch batteries, compatible cell size: Cell size: thickness 10~20mm, length 300~340mm: width: 80~150mm.

Cycle time: ≥10PPM.

First time yield: ≥99.5% (number of defective produtcs / number of all products).

Failure rate: ≤1%

Misjudgment rate: <2%

Equipment size: About 4 2600*1500*2000mm (L*W*H) (does not contain manual inspection pipeline)

Equipment weight: About 2T

Rated power: 15KW.

Power supply: AC380V.

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 Mpa, the outer diameter of the intake pipe is 12mm.

Air consumption: 0.2L/min (atmospheric dew point≤-30℃ 3, maximum particle diameter≤1μm, maximum particle concentration1mg/m³ 4, oil content: ≤5mg/m³).

Control system: PLC.


The trays are transported through conveyer, disassembled by robot, which saves time and is stable.

The detection data is bound to the battery QR code and uploaded to the MES system. The equipment is switchable between manual/automatic working mode. The equipment is featured with automatic process control, historical data query and export, real-time display of key parameters, alarm and traceability, and safety protection.

The pouch cell case forming machine works on 8 channels at the same time, which is more efficient.


Compatible with various types of pouch cell case forming machines.

The case forming process is carried out automatically, and all parameters are imported into the MES system.

The film is level and smooth, free of bubbles or wrinkles.

The speed is up to 14PPM, which is fast and efficient.

The case forming machine works automatically on the folded pouch cell, which is followed by automatic transport of incoming tray through conveyor-automatic retrieving-automatic film applying on both sides-automatic CCD detection width-NG products discharge-conforming products are automatically placed on the conveyor for manual check and assembled

Lead time

90 days after advance payment


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