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Diamond wire sapphire cutting machine QSFB2375
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Diamond wire sapphire cutting machine QSFB2375

Type:Sapphire equipment
Development:Lianqiang Intelligent
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Processing number: 1 pc/knife

Processing diameter: ≤ø 550mm

Processing length: ≤750mm

Wire speed: ≤30m/s

Wire diameter/specification: 0.25~0.42mm/442D, BS60

Average cutting speed: 5~15mm/min

Working stroke range of slide table 100mm-1000mm

Processing margin range: 110~230mm (by replacing or adjusting the distance between the cutting roller machine and the wire wheel)

Wire stored length: ≤20Km

Cutting head no-load moving speed: 0-1500mm/min; ≥40mm/min

Wire mesh tension range: 0-120N

Noise: <80dB

Machine tool power: 59.5Kw

Compressed air pressure: 0.4mpa-0.6mpa

Air flow: ≥40m³/h

Air inlet size: φ16mm

Weight of machine tool: 12T

Dimension of machine tool: 3800*2100*3855mm

Quantity of cutting rollers: 3 sets


Rotary table: The rotary table is provided with 2 crystal support devices in the way that the processing station is separated from the loading and unloading station.

Cutting area: Vertical cutting, with 2 main motors on the cutting head, each controlling a set of cutting rollers

The cutting head is installed on the column slide table, and the column slide table is driven by servo for up and down movement.

The guide wheel bracket is firm and reliable. The guide wheel bearing is air-sealed and lubricated with high grade grease.

The center of the crystal support device is provided with floating support structure to adapt to the inclination of the end face of the positioning surface. After the floating support is in place, it is locked to ensure that the center of the silicon rod is placed vertically.

The linear module is installed in wire regulating wallboard and is protected with protective cover. When maintaining, just remove the protective cover.

The take-up and pay-off reels are provided with disc springs on the extension heads of the two shafts of the reel. The conical positioning sleeve is used to ensure concentricity with the inner shaft when the reel is loaded, and the runout of the far end of the reel is within 0.06mm.

The screw tightening torque of the take-up and pay-off reels is 180 Nm.

Electrical control system: INOVANCE CNC system, Taiwan motion controller, according to customer needs


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