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Sapphire slicer LQQP1570
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Sapphire slicer LQQP1570

Type:Sapphire equipment
Development:Lianqiang Intelligent
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Processed parts: Maximum section size φ150mm;

Maximum processing length: 700mm

CNC system: Siemens

Diameter of steel wire busbar: ≥Φ0.16mm

Steel wire maximum running speed: ≤35m/s

The maximum storage capacity of take-up and pay-off reels: φ0.25mm*40km (diamond wire cutting)

Wire operation mode: Bidirectional/unidirectional

Quantity of main cutting rolls: 2

Diameter of idle wheel: φ160mm

Feed slide stroke: 250mm

Cutting feed speed: 0~60mm/min

Fixture swing angle: 0±12°

Maximum capacity of cutting fluid tank: 360L

Maximum flow of cutting fluid pump: 200L/min

Feed mode: Front end feed

Warping control: ≤40um

TTV control: ≤15μm

Power cable: 3×95+50mm

Rated total power of machine tool: 210KW

Dimension of machine tool (without water tank) 4050×1750×3100mm

Weight: 13t


The base of the machine tool, the support of the spindle box, the vertical feed column, and the feed slide are all cast in one structure, providing stable structure for high wire speed;

The spindle is designed with angular contact bearing and grease lubrication, which is suitable for high precision and high wire speed processing;

The fixed support spindle motor is hollow shaft with internal cooling to ensure the stable temperature for long-term operation and high accuracy;

Low inertia roller, designed for easy replacement of the assembly structure;

The fixture is swingable so that the workpiece is cut in swinging manner to ensure the cutting force is uniform;

The crystal holder is designed with mechanical rectangular spring, with trapezoidal groove to ensure the accuracy of the processing crystal direction;

Siemens motion control system and original motor with minimal equipment disconnection rate;

The vertical feeding is designed with U-shaped casting column, 2 guide rails and integrated casting sliding table, which is stable and greatly reduces the possibility of warpage and TTV of slice;

It's designed with the patented wire-break alarm device of the firing mechanism with thin wire and eccentric block to makes sure fast emergency shutdown;

Spindle cooling is designed with separate water tank for water supply, which controls large flow and long flow of water, and is capable of removing the condensation inside the axle box;

The take-up and pay-off systems are respectively located on both sides of the machine tool and installed on the integrated casting base to reduce vibration;

Precise tension control, with near 90° cable angle, which greatly reduces the wear of steel wires;

High precision tension sensor with patented software control system to ensure stable control of thinning process;

Automatic management with the functions of one-key lifting, one-key tool setting and automatic liquid replenishment;

Control quality through silicon wafer surface quality TTV, line marks, edge chipping, overcutting and wire breakage.