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Silicon carbide CNC crystal rounding machine QF-008
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Silicon carbide CNC crystal rounding machine QF-008

Type:Silicon carbide equipment
Development:Development Centers
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Processing diameter: 4~8''

Maximum processing length: 20-25mm

Grinding line speed: 35m/s

Headstock spindle speed: 30-300r/min

Workbench motor power: 1kw

Workbench minimum feed rate: 0.005mm

Workbench maximum feed speed: 6m/min

Grinding frame feed motor power: 1kw

Grinding frame minimum feed rate: 0.005mm

Grinding frame maximum feed speed: 6m/min

Dimension of equipment: About 3100*1750*1900mm

Cooling mode: Running water or cutting fluid

Rated total power of equipment: 7kW;

Equipment weight: 2.5t


Support different processing specifications: Compatible with 4'', 6'', and 8'' silicon carbide processing;

Processing length: Silicon carbide 20-25mm;

Compatible with the processing requirements of generation 1 to generation 3 of semiconductor materials

The equipment requires low energy consumption, with small footprint and lightweight;

The whole machine cover reduces cutting fluid splash and oil leakage;

High processing precision: Surface roughness Ra0.63 1.0; conicity 0.03/30mm; ellipticity 0.02/30mm

Support different control systems such as Mitsubishi or Omron;

The whole machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system;

Integral welded base, with higher stability;

The fixture is operated with hydraulic system and energy storage pump, and the workpiece will not fall when the power is off;

The whole machine cover is used for better protection and easy maintenance;