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Silicon carbide CNC crystal rounding machine QF-003
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Silicon carbide CNC crystal rounding machine QF-003

Type:Silicon carbide equipment
Development:Lianqiang Intelligent
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Diameter of processing bar:100~220mm (4''~8'')

Length of processing silicon carbide rod 50mm

Workbench minimum feed rate: 0.005mm

Maximum stroke of workbench: 500mm

Feed stroke of workbench: 150mm

Grinding frame maximum feed rate: 1.5mm

Grinding line speed of right grinding head: 35mm/s

Rotate speed of left grinding head: 3485r/min

Arc surface roughness:Ra≤0.63-1.0 (depending on number of grinding wheels)

OF width: ±0.5mm

V NOTCH depth: 1.00~+0.25mm

V angle: 89°~94°

Crystal orientation accuracy: <±15′



Dimension of equipment: 3600×1620×2150mm

Rated total power of equipment: 20KW

Equipment weight: 4.5t


The rotation of the main shaft of the headstock is controlled by the C axis, which is driven by 2Kw servo motor; the feeding of the left and right grinding heads is controlled by the X1 and X2 axes, and the lifting of the left grinding head is controlled by the Y1 axis, both are driven by servo;

The reciprocating motion of the workbench is controlled by the Z axis, which is driven by servo motor + ball screw and flat V guide rail, with high precision and rigidity.

It is mainly for crystal spheroidal grinding, OF reference surface grinding and V NOTCH grinding, and is designed for crystal spheronization and OF reference surface grinding or V NOTCH grinding accuracy with one clamping process.

It has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate.

It clamps the workpiece with hydraulic cylinder, which is convenient, stable and reliable. The center height of the crystal can be manually calibrated by the dial indicator to ensure the reliability of the grinding outer circle size for higher machining accuracy.

The machine tool is controlled by PLC + touch screen, with easy-to-learn programming for parts processing.

The machine tool is also equipped with orientation instrument to ensure that the parts can be processed at one time to meet the requirements.

It is capable of processing silicon carbide 4''-8'', and the processing length of silicon carbide is 20-25mm; the orientation instrument is installed in front of the machine tool, and the X-ray tube is vapor proof; the combination of coarse and fine grinding wheels has high efficiency and precision in grinding the outer circle;

The machine tool body and slide plate are all made of cast iron material and subject to aging treatment, which is reliable.


The processing plan is customizable according to the size of the silicon carbide ingot