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Silicon carbide CNC surface grinder
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Silicon carbide CNC surface grinder

Type:Silicon carbide equipment
Development:Lianqiang Intelligent
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Working area of workbench: 600*300mm

The maximum distance from the table surface to the spindle center: 525mm (standard)/725mm (hightened)

Maximum left and right movement: 700mm

Maximum forward and backward movement: 350mm

The maximum load bearing of the workbench: 420kg

Speed of workbench: 5-25m/min

Workbench rails: One V one flat

Front and rear hand wheel feed: 0.02mm/grid, 4mm/circle

Front and rear automatic feed: 0.1-8mm

Move quickly back and forth: 790mm (50Hz), 950mm (60Hz)

Grinding wheel size: φ355mm×20-40×φ127mm

Spindle speed: 1450r/min (50Hz), 1740r/min (60Hz)

Automatic feed rate: 0.001mm

Spindle motor: 3.75kw

Height: 1900mm (standard)/2100mm (hightened)

Dimension of equipment: 2620mm×1700mm*1900mm

Parallelism: ±0.01mmFlatness: ±0.01mm

Total power of equipment: 7kW

Equipment weight: 2t


The large castings of the machine are all made of high-grade cast iron, with high precision and stability, strong shock-absorbing ability, and the reasonable arrangement of ribs improves the strength of the structure. The castings are annealed and shot blasted to make the castings more stable.

X-axis is designed with independent hydraulic station and hydraulic cylinder to push the worktable back and forth on the sliding frame for smooth movement.

Y-axis is connected to the ball screw through AC-driven synchronous belt, which drives the sliding frame back and forth on the main machine for stable feed movement of Y-axis.

X-axis and Y-axis guide rails are plastic-coated and manually scraped, with high load and low wear, which can ensure the minimum movement and high processing accuracy.

Y-axis is moved with precision ball screw to make sure it's stable, even if it is manually fed. Circulating oil circulates to lubricate the screw rod to make sure smooth movement and minimum wear of screw rod. (Frequency conversion control is used for smooth forward and backward movement, and the distance and speed are adjustable.)

Z-axis moves with precision ball screw, with stable and reliable servo system, so that the upper and lower feeds maintain high precision and stability.


The processing plan is customizable as needed.