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Silicon carbide induction growth furnace
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Silicon carbide induction growth furnace

Type:Silicon carbide equipment
Development:Development Centers
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Cavity pressure rise rate: ≤5Pa/12 h (after calcining);

Model: PVT-MF-50;

Size: Length × Width × Height of whole machine = 3200×1150×3600mm;

Inner diameter of furnace: φ400mm;

Ultimate vacuum; 5 x 10-4 Pa (1.5h after the molecular pump starts);

Stroke of induction coil: 200mm;

Stroke of furnace base: 1250mm;

Heating mode: Induction heating,

Maximum furnace temperature: 2400℃;

Heating power supply: Pmax=40Kw, frequency 8-12KHz;

Temperature measurement method: Two-color infrared temperature measurement;

Temperature range: 900-3000℃;

Temperature accuracy: ±1℃;

Pressure range: 1-700mbar;

Pressure accuracy: 1-10mbanr, ±0.5%F.S;



Loading mode: Bottom loading, easy and safe operation;

Optional: Crucible rotation, double temperature measuring points.


For 6''/8'' crystal growth;

For the semi-insulating and conductive crystal growth, the crucible rotates to improve temperature uniformity, and the coil lifts to reduce disturbance;

Designed with double-layer quartz tube water-cooling structure to improve the life of the chamber and provide a stable crystal growth environment, which is conducive to the growth of high-quality crystals;

Real-time and accurate monitoring of upper and lower temperatures facilitates process debugging;

Optional constant power, constant current, constant temperature working mode;

One-button start, reducing manual intervention and facilitating large-scale production;

PVT-MF-50 silicon carbide induction crystal growth furnace is suitable for growing high-quality 6'' silicon carbide single crystal, high-purity silicon carbide raw material synthesis, crystal annealing and other fields;

Compact arrangement to improve the utilization rate of the plant;

High-precision butterfly valve and mass flow meter are used to control the grown crystal pressure in the furnace to provide stable grown crystal atmosphere. The pressure control accuracy is up to ±1Pa under the crystal growth pressure.


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