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Crystal growth furnace KX170
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Crystal growth furnace KX170

Type:Silicon (germanium) - based semiconductors
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Model: KX170;

Inner diameter of furnace: φ1040mm;

Inner diameter of auxiliary room: φ305mm

Height of auxiliary room: 2800mm;

Diameter of throat: φ305mm;

Lift speed of seed crystal: 0~508mm/hr or ± 0.25 mm/hr, whichever is faster;

Lift speed of seed crystal (rated): 400mm/min;

Seed crystal lifting rotate speed and accuracy: 0~30 RPM±1%S.P, or ±0.05RPM, whichever is faster;

Crucible lifting speed and accuracy: 0-127 mm/hr ± 1% S.P,or ± 0.25 mm/hr, whichever is faster;

Lift speed of crucible (rated): 127mm/min

Crucible lifting rotate speed and accuracy: 0-30 RPM ± 1% S.P, or± 0.03 RPM, whichever is faster;

Power type: IGBT, with optional harmonic control function;

Filtering tank: Optional configurations such as self-cleaning type and two parallel installations;

Main pump: Dry vacuum pump (variable frequency), auxiliary pump: Oil pump/multi-split dry vacuum pump heavy doping of toxic substance such as arsenic; Provided with water ring pump of world renowned brand, such as Japanese UNOZAWA and other brand from the U.S.;

Drawable crystal diameter: up to 12'';

Drawable crystal type: N type/P type;

Thermal field size: 24'';

Loading capacity: 200kg.


Application: Heavy doping;

Cavity material: Inner layer: Imported 316L stainless steel, outer layer: 304L stainless steel;

Chamber cleanliness: The mirror surface is precisely polished, suitable for the growth of heavily doped and lightly doped silicon single crystals;

Excellent rigidity performance of the machine;

Vibration and cooling water turbulence isolation technology caused by moving parts;

Shielding gas intake: 1) One each inside and outside the water cooling jacket, 2) one at the top of the auxiliary furnace room;

Application of high-precision gas mass flowmeter + imported vacuum gauge + high-precision butterfly valve, gas mass flowmeter: Flow accuracy: ± 0.2% F.S; pressure accuracy: ± 0.5%;

Parallel double tank online automatic switching, gas purging online cleaning system;

Imported load cell: Accurary +/- 0.5kg;

Increase camera temperature measurement and temperature adjustment functions (visual diameter measurement, liquid level measurement and temperature measurement);

The dynamic data of the relative position of the liquid surface and the guide cylinder is collected and recorded throughout the process;

Alarm and safety protection: Abnormal drop in liquid level, abnormal temperature at the evacuation port, abnormal pressure in the furnace, overtemperature of cooling water, power failure;

The crystal pulling processes such as crystal pulling broken edge remelting and silicon material reinvestment can be completed automatically;

Constant pulling speed equal diameter control;

Neck automatic preheating, welding and temperature adjustment;

Self-verification of the whole machine, thermal field and crystal growth process technology verification, and basic thermal field and crystal growth process;

Leaing CCz system, crystal growth process and control technology;

Application of CCz technology, OEM by a chip manufacturer;

Solid continuous doping: Red phosphorus;

Crystal resistivity: Min: 1mΩ*cm; (it is generally Min: 2mΩ*cm)

Lead time

90 days after advance payment of main equipment (auxiliary equipment and important auxiliary materials depend on market conditions)


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