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High-speed typesetting machine
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High-speed typesetting machine

Type:component equipment
Development:Component Equipment Business Division
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Compatible component models: Applicable to half-cell, laminated, single-glazed, double-glazed, and multi-grid module formats (additional models to be confirmed).

Applicable glass size: Long side 1600~2550mm, short side 900~1400mm.

Compatible cell specifications: 156-210mm.

Feed requirements: No string arc, cell string typesetting accuracy up to 0.3mm, cells have no warping, and EVA is flat.

Cycle time: 30~34 s/component.

PV string precision: The battery string placement accuracy is ≤0.2mm; PV string spacing is ±0.3mm (error of the battery string not considered).

Connection method of series welding machine: One typesetting machine is connected to two high-speed series welding machines.

PV string yield: ≥99.5% (number of defective strings / number of all products).

Utilization rate of equipment: ≥99.5% ((load time-shutdown time)/load time)

Number of conveyoer belt 8

Battery string transmission positioning accuracy: ≤3mm.

Battery string positioning method: The photoelectric switch detects the position of the cell + the CCD locates the cell.

Cache: Capable of caching battery strings.

Switching component version time: About 1-2 hours.

Adjustment of switching component version: CCD re-calibration, camera position adjustment (if there is a large difference in string length).

Equipment size: About 4500*3600*2100mm (L*W*H)

Equipment weight: About 3T

Rated power: 10KW.

Power supply: AC380V, 3P+1N+1PE, 50HZ.

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 Mpa, the outer diameter of the intake pipe is 12mm.

21Air consumption: 400L/min (CDA clean without oil, water and other impurities).

22Environmental temperature and humidity: 15-30℃; 5-75% (no condensation).

23Noise: ≤72db.

24Control system: PLC.


Liftable component conveyor line:

(1) The two sides of the equipment are symmetrically distributed, and the glass can be fed or discharged on both sides

Two sets of independent 4-axis gantry manipulators:

(1) Two sets of three-axis manipulators with R-axis, corresponding to two high-speed serial welding machines. Linear motors are used for XY translation, and DD motors are used for R-axis rotation to maximize speed and accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the end of the suction cup is up to 0.08mm.

(2) When one of the two connected series welding machines shuts down, this typesetting machine can be connected with one series welding machine to complete the component layout process.


It is suitable for connecting two 8000 high-speed series welding machines.

Linear motors are used for battery string shift load translation, and DD motors are used for rotation to maximize speed and accuracy. The positioning accuracy of the end of the suction cup is up to 0.08mm.

It supports single string or stacked strings, and each battery string is directly transferred to place after one-time adjustment in the air to minimize the risk of cracks.

Cost efficient, the unit price of the equipment is less than the price of two ordinary 1-to-1 typesetting machines.

Cycle time: 30~34 s/component.

Lead time

60 days after advance payment