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Horizontal spread automatic loading and unloading machine
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Horizontal spread automatic loading and unloading machine

Type:Battery equipment
Development:Lianzhi Intelligent Technology
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Cell specifications: 1: length 176-180, thickness 140-220um 2: length 166-172, thickness 140-220um

Feeding flower basket specification: 100 slots, slot spacing 4.76mm

Quartz flower basket specifications: 102 slots, slot spacing 2.38mm

Uptime: ≥98%

Capacity: ≥7000 pc/hr

Fragmentation rate: ≤0.03%

Weight: 3600kg

Equipment size: 7000mmx2550mmx2400mm

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Equipment power: 12kW

Air source: 0.4-07MPa; 800L/min

Compressed air interface: one D16 tube; quick plug interface

Optional: Sheet resistivity detection and taking device


Double-layer double-channel

AGV cache table

Single raw material loading mode

Single wrought material unloading mode

Raw and wrought material cycle

Loading and unloading mode


For the horizontal diffusion process, the silicon wafers in the quartz flower basket after the process are automatically taken out and loaded into the basket, and the silicon wafers that have not been processed are automatically taken out of the flower basket and put into the quartz flower basket, and the quartz flower basket is automatically placed in the machine loading and unloading.

Lead time

90 days after advance payment