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Silicon acid cleaning machine
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Silicon acid cleaning machine

Type:Silicon wafer equipment
Development:Fuchuan Intelligent Technology
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Dimension of machine: 15100mm×2600mm×3000mm (L×W×H)

Feeding flower basket: 18 pcs/unit

Loading and unloading trolley: 3 pcs/unit

Silicon material types: Single crystal offcut, bar, block and top and tail

Silicon material size: Single crystal offcut: Length 850mm (max) single crystal block: 8x8~100xl00mm single crystal rod: φ310x400mm

Loading and unloading mode: Automatic loading and unloading

Cleaning cycle time: <5min/frame (adjustable)

Manipulator rated load: >80kg

Uptime: ≥98% (uptime=monthly device uptime/planned start-up time for the month)

Washing machine quality: The surface of the silicon material is clean and free of impurities, stains, or acid residue

Power supply: 3-phase 5-wire 380VAC50Hz

Machine power: About 170Kw


The basket is moved b gantry trolley, manipulator moves at the top, the transmission mechanism is installed externally to avoid corrosion, and the top of the lifting shaft is separated by organ shield

The design of the rotating basket is greater than 90kg/frame, and the cleaning cycle is 3-5 min/frame

Vacuum drying

HF+HN03 heat release is cooled by the rear cooling circulation tank, and the reagent is refilled with a magnetostrictive rehydration tank.

The loading and unloading trolleys are positioned by pneumatic pull hooks and guide plates, and three rotating baskets are placed on each trolley.

The outer diameter of the basket is 400mm and the length is 1200mm, with the load >90kg. Silicon material.

Feed underwater;

Rinse with pure water and heat to 85°C;

The drying is completed through vacuum by screw positive air pump. It's equipped with pressure sensor, water-cooled motor and screw vacuum machine, and the vacuum is switched and broken by multi-channel ball valve;

A radiant heating tube is installed in the tank for heating, with the heating power of 18kw

Purge pipe is installed at the bottom to cleam the bottom of the basket;


This equipment is transported by automatic manipulator, and is cleaned through rolling basket, which corrodes and cleans silicon materials (block and sheet). It has two process cleaning functions: HF+HN03 mixed acid corrosion cleaning and reagent (weak acid) immersion cleaning. Ensure that the solution and silicon material are not in contact with any metal;

Lead time

Delivery: New machine order to delivery: 60 days;

On-site installation, commissioning and production: 4 days/unit 2 person


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