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Perc process wet texturing equipment
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Perc process wet texturing equipment

Type:Battery equipment
Development:Fuchuan Intelligent Technology
Detailed introduction


Imported PLC control, improving the production capacity of the equipment.

The cable-pull slow pulling structure improves the dehydration capacity of the slow pulling tank for high-efficiency batteries.

The process tank adopts the classic circulation mode of inner and outer tanks, which can quickly and effectively stir the newly added liquid medicine and additives evenly, and the temperature control accuracy error in the tank is less than ±1°C


Textured formed on the surface of the silicon wafer to increase the absorption of sunlight, reduce reflection, increase the contact between the PN junction and increase the short-circuit current, thereby improving the conversion efficiency of the battery.

≥8000PCS/H, fragmentation rate ≤0.01%, Uptime≥98%.

Lead time

90 days after advance payment