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Single crystal silicon square rod automatic high-efficiency grinding machine LT-GMS950
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Single crystal silicon square rod automatic high-efficiency grinding machine LT-GMS950

Type:Silicon wafer equipment
Development:Wire Cutting Business Division
Detailed introduction

Parameter attribute

Length of processing bar: 150~~950mm

Section length of processing bar: 166~210mm

Specification of grinding wheel: Medium 280X Medium 38.1X60mm

Spindle speed: >3500r/min (grinding speed)

Grinding precision: Error ≤0.03mm

Flatness: s0.02mm

Angle between adjacent faces of four planes: ≤90°0.05°

Surface roughness: Ra0.10um;

Cambered surface: ≤Ra0.20um (single product)

Loading height: 1000mm (above base)

Dimension of machine tool: 5400x2960x2350mm

Total power of machine tool: 38kW

Equipment weight: 12.5t


Compatible as independent processing equipment and factory automation processing unit requirements

Processing specifications 166~210 one-key conversion, compatible with 182x210 rectangular rods

The patented technology of pre-pressed dynamic and static floating chucks has a stable fixed clamping seat and the ability to correct the deviation of the abnormal end face of the silicon rod;

The indexing accuracy of the fixture is 0.01 degrees, which is capable of preventing falling off when the power is off;

The patented technology of feeding positioning device is suitable for automatic and precise centering of square rods and rectangular rods of different specifications;

With high-precision silicon rod on-line detection, automatic wear compensation;

The unique clamping method has reliable adaptability to the rework of special-shaped rods and silicon rods after cutting; 8. The equipment has high precision, high rigidity, strong stability and excellent performance.


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