Founded in 2007, LINTON is a leader in the field of photovoltaic and semiconductor equipment manufacturing in China and the world. From the very beginning, it was born to fill gaps, meet market needs and create value for clients. As the earliest domestic company engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of professional cutting equipment in the photovoltaic field, LINTON has successfully broken the foreign monopoly and taken the lead in promoting the diamond wire cutting technology and equipment in the industry. It has helped lead users significantly reduce the cost of silicon wafers to highlight the advantages of single crystals, and completely replaced imported equipment. With outstanding technology, LINTON continuously upgrades product performance and launches new designs for large size requirements to stay ahead of the industry.

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Change the situation that photovoltaic cutting equipment is monopolized by foreign enterprises, and carry out strategic cooperation with clients

Diamond wire slicer promotes industry changes; the acquisition of Kayex ensures its absolute leading position in single crystal furnace equipment

Expanded scale of operation: vertical and horizontal layout - platform framework is formed

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The company launched the diamond wire slicer for the first time in China in 2013, which means that it has completed the development of the whole series of main equipment in the photovoltaic silicon wafer cutting process and driven the large-scale promotion of diamond wire cutting technology in the photovoltaic field, forming an important beginning for domestic cutting equipment to completely replace imported equipment in the following few years.

In the same year, LINTON acquired Kayex in the United States to obtain the most leading single-crystal furnace technology in the world's semiconductor and photovoltaic fields, and thus entering the semiconductor field. The Chinese and American teams work together to form highly complementary relationships. Since then, LINTON has achieved key breakthroughs in the photovoltaic field through independent R&D and innovation, in this way, it has developed its main business and made constant innovations with the development of trends such as large size.

Under the background of extensive layout in photovoltaic and semiconductor fields in recent years, LINTON has accelerated the formation of a horizontal and vertical double industrial chain on the dual racing track of photovoltaic and semiconductor.

1. Photovoltaic new energy industrial chain

Based on the one-stop turnkey service of photovoltaic silicon wafer, LINTON extends to the fields of photovoltaic cell and module core equipment + auxiliary materials, and provides customers with intelligent reform and direct output smart factory solutions with strong innovation genes.

2. Semiconductor and new materials industrial chain

As a member of the China Semiconductor Industry Association and The Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Innovation Alliance, LINTON integrates semiconductor and photovoltaic industry experience based on silicon and compound semiconductor crystal growing and processing technology, and continues to extend to the field of material growth equipment and cutting equipment such as silicon carbide and sapphire. While extending the two industrial chains, LINTON accelerates its transformation from a product company specializing in crystal production and processing equipment to a platform company specializing in providing photovoltaic and semiconductor integrated service.

LINTON will work with numerous clients and partners to further create a miracle of great value!


crystalline silicon technology iteration

An important force drives the substitution of monocrystalline for polycrystalline


Fair price network charges

Localization of equipment is the key driving force of cost reduction and efficiency improvement in the industry

Historical contribution & position in the industry

Major events of LINTON since its establishment 15 years ago


The first photovoltaic multi-wire squareness cutting machine has been developed successfully, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises in this respect

Acquired the wire cutting business division of Tokyo ROPE MFG Co., Ltd., and entered the semiconductor silicon wafer processing equipment field
LINTON Kayex, which focuses on R&D and manufacturing of high-end semiconductor equipment, settled in Xibei Town, Xishan District, Wuxi

Listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange to start trading


In April, the groundbreaking ceremony for the third phase of Linton Dalian Base was held.


LINTON launched the world's first 24-inch crystal growing furnace and successfully delivered it to the client

Jointly developed the world's first 1600 mm single crystal furnace with LONGi
In February, the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase of Linton Wuxi Base was held.

Realized overseas whole line output and built the largest single unit factory in Europe


Took the lead in the batch delivery of photovoltaic diamond wire slicer in China; acquired Kayex's single crystal furnace division under SPX


The establishment of LINTON



Was established under the name Hamco

Created the "Kayex" brand

The first Hamco-Kayex crystal growing furnace was launched

General Signal acquired the Kayex brand

Kayex CG6000 furnace was launched

The first drawing 200mm crystal growing furnace KX150 was launched

Kayex China was established

The world's first drawing 12-inch (300mm) crystal growing furnace KX300 was launched

Fortune 500 SPX acquired General Signal

SPX-Kayex acquired US Ferrofludics (parent company of the former Ferrotec)

The production scale of SPX-Kayex has been tripled

LINTON successfully acquired Kayex and renamed it LINTON Crystal Technologies LCT

Aggressively expanded in the photovoltaic market under the name of LINTON-Kayex

Became the largest supplier of LONGi

Once ranked first in the single-crystal furnace market share

Designed specifically for 24-inch (600mm) crystals, the KX320-600 was introduced, creating another world first

LINTON - Kayex began to expand in Wuxi in southern China

The enterprise has won other new clients, the main business has been booming and the market share rapidly increased.

The new control system is combined with the core customer union technology to make the longest and heaviest 5090mm,

803KG 12-inch crystal rods in the industry.

The cumulative delivery of single crystal furnaces exceeded 10,000 units in 2021

New orders ushered in explosive growth; the market share has been further improved

Major events of Kayex since its establishment 70 years ago

Rapid Development

The company's revenue scale has grown by more than 200 times since 2007

The value of the enterprise has grown by more than

100 times

The team grew from less than 10 people to more than 1500 people



Customers are distributed in 18+ countries around the world

Positioning of the Enterprise

可靠 · 增值 · 阳光


We are committed to becoming the world's leading integrated service provider of photovoltaic and semiconductor equipment

Silicon wafer equipment
Battery equipment
Component equipment
Auxiliary equipment

Vertical layout

Photovoltaic industry chains

Silicon (germanium) - based semiconductors
Auxiliary equipment and components
Silicon carbide equipment
Sapphire equipment
Sapphire products
Lithium equipment

Lateral extension

Crystal growth and processing equipment for silicon-based semiconductors, compound semiconductors and sapphire materials

Five Business Divisions


Kayex Business Division


Wire Cutting Business Division


Crystal Equipment Business Division


Component Equipment

Business Division


Battery Equipment

Business Division

Organizational Structure

Dalian Xingbei Energy



Fuchuan Intelligent Technology

Lianqiang Intelligent

Lianzhi Intelligent Technology

Zhongshan Huichuang


Lianyin Science and Technology


Aihua Semiconductor

Dalian Kaiweite Technology

Linton Crystal Technologies Corp

Qingdao Huaxin


Dalian Haolin

Shanxi Dingxin

Zhongda Energy Conservation

Lanyue New Material

Changzhou Nafeng

Wuxi Fuchuan

Shenyang Haolin


Suzhou Jiuyu

Zhongchun Hydrogen Technology

Zhongke Magnetron

Seven Research & Development Centers


Group Research and Development Center


Component Equipment Research and Development Center

US Crystal Growth Research and Development Center

Battery Equipment Research and Development Center

Kayex Crystal Growing Equipment Research and Development Center

Lithium Equipment Research and Development Center

Wire Cutting Equipment Research and Development Center

Research and Develop Resources

70 years of experience in single crystal growth, equipment design and manufacturing originated from the United States

创新 丨 实践

Industry standard setter

In March 2019, the international semiconductor and photovoltaic industry standard SEMI PV-0319 "Single Crystal Furnace Internal Feeder Material Application Guide" edited by the enterprise was officially released

College-enterprise cooperation

Academician Zhen Chongli

Engineering and industrial application of high and new technology

Academician Yang Deren

Research on semiconductor

silicon materials

Academician Wang Qiuliang

Basic and application research of

superconducting magnet science and


Three major production bases

The core hub of Yangtze River Delta: Wuxi, China

The LINTON Wuxi Base officially started construction on May 1, 2020, the first phase of the project was fully completed in December 2021 and has been put into use successively since October 2020. The phase I project covers an area of 108 mu with 5 workshops, and its construction and production provide a high-quality business site for core departments such as LINTON Kayex and LINTON CNC Research and Development Center. The Phase II project - the third-generation semiconductor demonstration line has been fully launched in 2022, the plant layout planning has been preliminarily finalized, and the procedures of ordering and purchasing of main equipment, the final research draft and the environmental impact assessment are all in progress as planned, and it is expected to be ready for mass trial production by the end of 2023.

An old industrial base in northeast ChinaDalian

As a core city with the old industrial base in Northeast China, Dalian has gathered a large number of industrial workers and technical engineers for LINTON's development, in this way, LINTON is able to carry out comprehensive expansion. The Dalian phase II project has overcome a series of difficulties, and resumed construction in 2021 and the automation equipment production base covering an area of 32,151 square meters was completed and put into operation in the same year, providing an urgently needed production base for the production expansion of wire cutting and automation equipment.

World Center for Image Technology: Rochester, USA

Linton Crystal Technology (LCT) in Rochester, New York, USA. Thanks to the prestigious schools on the East Coast of the United States, the abundance of talents and the advantages of traditional industrial manufacturing of the Great Lakes Region, Rochester is known as the "image center of the world." It has always been close to the frontiers of advanced technology and the source of innovation in the world - Kodak, the father of the world's image products, and Bausch & Lomb, the multinational giant of optical instruments and contact lenses, are all based here. Benefiting from the natural environment of industrial manufacturing and technological innovation in Rochester, LCT (formerly US Kayex) has founded and developed the crystal growth and equipment research and development and manufacturing base, and has been continuously showing new vitality in the course of 70 years of development!  

Wuxi base:

square meters

Dalian base:

square meters


effective space

The capacity of single crystal furnace:


The capacity of slicer:


Corresponding to an annual capacity

of 80GW



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